Cartoon Me - Learn To Draw A Cartoon Me Avatar Face In Minutes!

By Carmeline Calvistacro

One of the biggest challenges for even the most talented artists is learning how to draw a cartoon me avatar face quickly and accurately. First you need to choose the person you want to draw. Second you need to determine what kind of tools and colors you will use to draw the person.

As a child, most people learn to draw in kindergarten using big fat markers and a large variety of crayons. If you want to take your art skills to the next level you just need to invest in some colored pencils. Do not worry if your drawings are not great because with a little practice you will be fine.

When you first try drawing a cartoon me face avatar, you will realize that it is not at all as easy as it looks. People do not realize that artists literally spend hours drawing their cartoons to bring them to life on a piece of paper.

If you are good at using paint, you can actually try drawing a cartoon me avatar face. However, you are bound to make a mess and also risk all of the colors blending together too much.

Drawing with a colored pencil creates sharper and more detailed images than with crayons. You do not need to spend a lot of money on colored pencils because they are literally a dime a dozen sometimes.

If you have ever played hopscotch, you also know that using sidewalk chalk to draw a cartoon me avatar face outside is another option. Just make sure you cover your drawing in case it rains or snows.

Spray paint on cement is another way artists express themselves. However, it is not the best idea because it is not always legal and sometime is used by gang members in the ghetto.

Just make sure you go to a professional art school if you really have your heart set on becoming an artist and you like to draw a cartoon me avatar face. You will be far ahead of traditional art students in smaller schools. - 32367

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