Factors to Account For When Designing a Floor Plan

By Adriana Noton

Any home building project will requires careful thought and planning, especially when designing a floor plan. The biggest task when designing a floor plan is the actual planning of the architectural drawings. It may seem challenging, however, designing a floor is not as difficult as it may seem. There are a number of factors that have to be taken into account when you design a floor plan.

The following are factors to consider when designing a floor plan:

1. One essential factor to take into account when planning your floor design plan is you have to consider your budget. Will you be getting a loan? If so, how much can you afford? If you are working on a tight budget, you may have to adjust your budget. As well, make sure you can afford the monthly payments and consider any other parts of the project that will require funding.

2. You also have to take the location of the house into consideration when designing a floor plan as it may affect the design that you choose. Consider the shape of the house, the size of the house (square footage), the number of rooms in the house, and whether an open floor plan or segmented plan would be the best choice. The type of floor plan will often depend on where the various rooms are located. For instance, are the dining room, kitchen, and living room one big area or are they separate rooms?

3. You must also consider environmental elements that can affect your floor design such as if you want the rooms facing the open sun or in front of a tree for shade. It is important to remember that the sun heats the room on cold days, and a big overhang above the windows will provide shade from the sun when it is at its highest point of the day. The directions, such as the south side and north side, where the sun will be better for a specific room, such as the living room, are an important consideration. It is also important to factor in the sound. For instance, bedrooms should be located where there is less traffic and noise so sleep will not be disrupted.

4. You also have to factor in such features as where to place certain rooms such as putting bathrooms close together to avoid expensive plumbing installation costs. As well, consider where closets will be located, and if you put in a den or office room, you may want a quiet location so that you can work uninterrupted.

When considering the factors that affect the design of a floor plan, it is important consider the function the room (entertaining, working, sleeping), cost, your needs and your family needs, traffic habits, comfort features, source of light, safety, wiring, plumbing, ventilation, dcor of the room, furnishings, and arrangement and size of the furniture. Once you have taken all of these factors into account, you will be able to create a great floor design that will meet your needs for many years. - 32367

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Using The Grid Method To Learn How To Paint

By Charles Chapman

Are you learning how to draw or paint? Do you want to take it to the next level? Good! First you need to have some general drawing skills, or at least know how to fake it. One of the best methods to hone your drawing and painting skills is to use the mentioned grid method. By using a grid to help you along, it makes it a lot easier for you to get accurate lines, proportions, and a more realistic image that you are drawing or painting.

Using the grid method, you are also able to recreate small images into large masterpieces. For example, with the grid method, you would break down your small image into sections, and then re-draw or re-paint each section step-by-step until you have the larger version completed.

The grid method is done using a ruler and creating a grid of equal squares that is placed over a reference picture or photo. The squares in the grid can be any size such as one half inch or one inch. Now draw another grid on your painting surface. The grid on the painting surface can be the same size as on the reference photo or it can be larger or even smaller. It just depends on how large or small you want the painting to be.

Lets say that you are working with a photo or picture that you cant draw lines directly on. An excellent way to still be able to use a grid would be to draw the grid on a transparency or having a transparency or overlay made. You will be able to use it over and over again. Just make sure that you tape the photo on a piece of paper, then tape the transparent grid on top of the photo. This way, your lines won't move. Lightly draw with a pencil, a grid on your painting surface. Keep these lines light because you will be erasing them when your drawing is complete.

Now that you have your grids in place you are ready to draw. Look at the reference photo in only one square at a time. Working one square at a time, draw what you see onto the canvas. Do this step by step and square by square.

In conclusion, you can now see how simple it is to draw or paint when you break down the process into small actionable steps as outlined above. Be sure to remember that drawing should be fun, so get out there and enjoy the whole process, you will see a great difference in your finished art work. - 32367

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Learn How To Draw Cartoons Quickly And Easily

By Trevor Johnson

Have some fun and learn how to draw cartoons quickly by simple following the step by step lessons and in no time you will be capable of drawing any cartoon in a short space of time no matter if you have never had any art experience now is your chance to log onto the internet and browse through the many cartoon sites where free lessons are up for grabs.

It really does not matter if you have never drawn a cartoon in your life because like anything in life practice makes perfect and if you are determined and persistent these simple drawing lessons that are offered will have you drawing in no time.

Start applying your creativity and bring out the artist in you by simply taking a blank piece of paper and a pencil as well as any other art accessories you may have and just apply the very basic techniques shown and follow the keys to showing you how to outline.

You will start off by drawing a circle which is very easy and from there on you will just continue to follow all the other steps which are sectioned out making it easy for you to follow the diagram while you are online and within a couple of minutes you will have produced a cartoon character that is how simple these lessons are.

Always examine the lines as well as the shapes of the cartoon character very carefully before you start drawing. You will always start drawing the larger shapes like your circles ovals triangles and rectangles but of course this will also depend on the cartoon character you have chosen to draw.

Once the first step has been completed and you have followed all the instructions correctly you can begin to outline all the pencil lines by using a felt tip pen do not go over any lines you no longer require and once you have completed this exercise you can erase the faulty lines.

When all your outlines have been done with the felt pen and you are satisfied with your character you can then begin colouring the cartoon character with wax colours or even paints and make your character colourful and lively. Search for drawcartoonsonline.com or any other site which will offer you lessons daily and in no time you will become proficient in sketching characters. - 32367

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Here Are Some Great Tips To Help You Draw A Car!

By Bob Jones

Drawing a simple car is very easy but drawing a realistic one can be very difficult. Artists and designers use their imagination to draw something that is unique and different from others. These days you get various books and article on the internet that can give you some easy tips through which you can draw any object that you desire, even if you are not very talented in the field of drawing.

Now I won't give away all the secrets I learned in the how to draw a car step by step guide, but here are some that you might find useful.

1. The journey is the destination - Too man people get all stressed about drawing cars that they do some really crappy drawings and give up. Take your time and relax, just enjoy the process and focus on improving... that's all! Before you know it, you will have some killer hand eye co-ordination and will be drawing cars like a pro.

2. Use grids to draw in sections - The use of a grid will greatly improve the accuracy of your drawings. Being able to work on your drawing only paying attention to one grid at a time gives you the ability to focus on all the minor details of your car without getting distracted. It also enables you to compare the line ratios and and proportions of your drawing, so it won't end up looking wonky and loose.

3. Draw a rough sketch - Before drawing the actual car you can easily draw a rough draft of your drawing. Make sure the outlines are very lightly drawn so that you can erase them after wards. This rough draft would help you in realizing your mistakes which you would definitely avoid in the fair one.

4. Patience my friend - This might seem like a bit of cliche, but learning how to be patient and correct your mistakes on a drawing you think is ruined is very important. If you give up on a drawing to quickly because it looks bad, your never going to learn how to draw a real car and make it look good.

5. Take the most care and time when shading - This step is the most time consuming part in the how to draw a car step by step instructions, depending on how good you want it to look. You will need to use a variety of different pencils to achieve the contrast in tones needed to get a nice metallic look. To get a good grasp on this, I'd suggest you going out and looking how light plays on cars and imagining it in black and white. Apply this to your drawings and it will be easier to envisage how your car should look. Remember to leave the highlights of your car unshaded to use the natural white of the paper to create that shiny look.

Doing all these steps without someone to show exactly how it's done is hard, but going to art lessons can be expensive and time consuming. However, there is a guide that can speed this up for you. - 32367

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