The Art Work Of Denise Biondo

By Kerisha Collins

Denise Biondo currently residing in Buffalo, New York is a testimony of what hard work can achieve. She has shown endless dedication to always better herself and maximise her talents in animation and web design which initially only occupied her spare time.

The main creative focus of Denise Biondo lies within flash animation, web design and graphic design. As these are her main disciplines she has made it a priority in becoming a master of these fields. They are all inter-related, so enabling her to provide a more comprehensive service to her clients.

Simple, yet extremely sophisticated is the only way to describe the flourishing work of Denise Biondo. Her work has a calm and peaceful aura to it, and she uses very few colours, but the emotion of what she creates is extremely powerful.

The personality type of Denise is what causes her work to vary so much, never knowing what she may come up with next. Her desire, to live, learn, expand and grow is shown throughout her career as a freelancer, as she has been able the mature into the wonderful designer we see before us. Rather than conform to what society expects, Denise has taken it upon her self to make her work unique, and to create a style of her own, that she can be proud of.

Denise started out her creative life like many others, just for the fun of it, but as time progressed and her skills developed she was able to make a living from something that gave her so much joy.

Denise's character is what sets her apart amongst many in the industry, not being afraid to incorporate her own personality and interest from her personal life into what she does for a living. This enables her work to remain fresh, and having faith in her own stylised art form keeps her from conforming to contemporary artists of this modern age.

We have much to see from the graphic designer Denise Biondo in the future, and I'm sure we will not be disappointed. - 32367

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